Warm and Windy Day!

A break in the cold weather!  Today has been lovely:  sunny, windy, and much warmer than the past 2 weeks.  This morning we took out my husband’s new-to-him kayak for the first time.  He’s been wanting an angler’s kayak for several years now,  and I’m so happy he found a good used one for a reasonable price and got it!  It’s a sit-on-top model with special track thingamajigs for rods and such on it, making it all angler-ish.  It’s also lots of fun!

Taking a turn on the kayak.

We strapped the kayak into the bed of the truck (much faster than when we take the canoe) and popped down to nearby-ish Lake Hargus.  Keith paddled and fished while I hiked part of the loop trail around the lake.  So pretty!  The dogwoods and redbuds were blooming, the air was scented by the blooming honeysuckle (which I know is bad, but it really smelled amazing!), birds were chirping up a storm, Mayapples were up, trilium were blooming, I saw a heron—it was just great.

I could have hiked longer, but then realized that I had forgotten my phone and hadn’t made super-precise plans as to when/where my husband and I would meet back up again–whoops!  And he had to go in to work this afternoon.  So I turned back after maybe 1.5 -2 miles and trotted along, wishing I knew what time it was.  But then I saw my husband still out on the lake, and called and flapped around to get his attention.  It worked and he paddled over to where I was on shore and we swapped places.  Fun!  I like this style of kayak more than I thought I would, although I did splash my legs a bit while I was paddling.  A little tough in the more open parts of the lake with all of the wind, but the foot braces helped with that.  In one calmer cove, my husband could see me from the trail and snapped this pic of me on the kayak.  (Just wish I didn’t look like quite so much like I have cancer when I wear hats! Does anyone else have this problem?!?!)

Apple and Abe are ready to go!

Back at home, the pups were all intrigued by the new boat once we unloaded it.  We’re planning on getting at least one doggy life jacket so a pup can come out on the water.  Since the pugs are so front and top heavy, it looks like the life jackets that have the floaty business under the dog’s chest rather than on their back is probably the safer option.  Can’t wait to try paddling on the water with a pug passenger. 🙂


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