At the Zoo

My niece came for a visit a few weekends ago.  I love when she comes to visit —we play games, read books, play beauty parlor and dress-up, and just generally have a good time.  This time, we did all of that plus we worked in a trip to the zoo.  Bonus:  both of my brothers came along, too!

It was a cold day, so we bundled up and ducked into indoor exhibits when we needed to warm up a bit.  One nice thing about being there on a chillier day was that many of the animals were more active than they’d be on a boiling hot summer’s day.  A few pics from our trip:

The first time I've seen the arctic foxes out --usually they're inside out of sight or curled up napping in their nest boxes. Terrible picture of some beautiful foxes.

Igloo slide at one of the play areas. This one is close to the polar bear exhibit. I love that the zoo is so clever about integrating play areas for the kids in with the exhibits ---this makes it easier to stay longer because the kids can burn off some energy playing and then walk around and learn more looking at the exhibits.

My brother and his daughter, my niece.

Dozing grizzly bear.

My niece with a Komodo dragon sculpture (much safer than attempting this with a real one!).

This young kangaroo had been hand-raised at the zoo and was comfortable enough around people to come pretty close. The keeper had to keep shooing her off the path through the kangaroo exhibit, which is set up so that visitors walk through a 3 acre or so enclosure where the kangaroos are loose and hopping around.


Making a new friend in the petting zoo.

Me and my niece, hanging with a hammerhead shark (sculpture).

Wish I’d gotten some pics of the river otter that was out.  He was swimming around, then he’d ride down a little creek waterslide, then trundle back up the hillside to start all over again.  My niece and I agreed that it looked like it would be pretty fun to be a river otter.

Will try again later to post a charming video of the kangaroo keeper shooing the little kangaroo off of the pathway.  Seriously adorable.


2 thoughts on “At the Zoo

  1. Teresa says:

    Cute zoo pictures! Looks like you guys had a blast!


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