Devilishly Cute Deviled Eggs

My adorable husband found a cute variation on deviled eggs somewhere online:  deviled eggs styled to look like baby chicks hatching!  Since we were assigned to make deviled eggs for an Easter family gathering, he had to try it.  We used bacon bits instead of olive bits for the eyes.  Mmmm, bacon.

My contribution was hard boiling the eggs.  I’m not a cook.  How cute is my husband, as he puts the finishing touches on the chicks?

Another slight variation, beyond the bacon bits, is adding a splash of hot sauce, some garam masala, and the usual paprika to the egg-y business when mixing it all up.  Yum!


One thought on “Devilishly Cute Deviled Eggs

  1. Beth A says:

    Very creative and fun. I’m having a Pavlovian response.

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