Dream House, part whatever…!

A few years ago, I went on a random trip with a dear friend of mine following the messy implosion of a long-term relationship she’d been in.  We spent a week at a cabin on Spider Lake, outside of Traverse City, Michigan.  It was good, relaxing, and really lovely.  We hiked around the nearby Sleeping Bear Dunes, kayaked around Spider Lake, had some really fantastic food (apparently there’s a good culinary school nearby, who knew?), I got a great haircut at a funky little place that was a combo salon/saloon (http://www.salonsaloon.com/ “you sip, we snip”) with their own house microbrew and the nicest staff, and we just generally had ourselves a grand, girl-bonding-ey, friendaissance kind of time.  And I fell for the area, hard.

Ever since, I’ve been trying to convince my husband that moving up there (or working our butts off so we can afford some kind of cottage there) should be part of our future plans.  Now, dreaming about real estate is a fond pastime of mine.  I can easily mentally move myself into all sorts of houses. And browsing around a real estate site tonight, I came across my dream home for that area.  Look at this!  You can even see a sliver of the water of Suttons Bay, part of the Grand Traverse Bay of Lake Michigan on the left side of this picture.  And look at the stone that the house is made of!!!  Dreamy, absolutely dreamy.

Dear lottery gods….


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