Briefly Out on a Sweet Evening

The picture above is not my own, it is from the Lindsay Gallery’s website.  Go check them out!

My husband and I popped out for a bit tonight to take in the Jeb Loy Nichols exhibition at the Lindsay Gallery in Columbus.  He does prints.  He also is a musician.  My husband’s courtship included dancing me around his apartment to Jeb Loy Nichols.  🙂  I enjoyed seeing the art, Mr. Nichols played a miniature accoustic set to a very crowded gallery, and then we popped back home. 

On our way home afterwards, we were listening to Sonic Chicken 4’s “Shalalalove” and were treated to one of the most magnificent views of the moon that I’ve seen in a long while.  It was hanging low, we kept losing sight of it behind trees, buildings, or hills as we drove along, and then suddenly it would come back into sight.  It was the most amazing, luminous, peachy-amber color and it was GIGANTIC.  So good.  


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