Into the trees

Another lovely walk on Sunday, this time with the dogs.  A new metro park area has opened up relatively near us:  the Walnut Woods Metro Park.  A lot of the park is on what used to be land belonging to a tree farm.  Much of it isn’t open yet, but the trails at the Tall Pines Picnic Area are.  Easy, paved, and perfect for taking the dogs.  Off we went!

We saw a lot of deer.  It was interesting to see the pups react:  at first they didn’t notice, but once they realized we weren’t alonein the forest, they got very excited.  Chico and Abe particularly wanted more than anything to be allowed off of their leashes so they could give chase.  Funny to see little lapdogs get in touch with their inner deerhound!

Parts of the hike are sort of spooky, the woods are a little odd in parts.  Chunks of it are planted in very regimented lines where the trees are too close —they shouldn’t have been left to get as big as they currently are, but I guess in the end the tree farm wasn’t doing too well?

Aww, my husband with all five of our dogs is quite charming, no? 🙂

The compact planting of the trees reminds me a bit of this wallpaper:

Image from


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