New Year, New Calendar

I love picking out a new calendar every year.  And although I admire the classic design-y-ness of something like the Stendig calendar

I can’t get past enjoying ones with a monthly image.  Picking a calendar is like making a wish for what the year might hold:  will it be beautiful gardens, cutesy artsy block prints, museums of the world?  Or maybe a monthly picture that makes you giggle or that charms you so that every month is a gift?  So many choices!  What I’m saying is that I enjoy calendar picking time, the browsing and dreaming.

This year’s choice totally makes me smile.  You know those animatronic fortune-teller machines?   The ones where you put in a quarter, it sort of talks and wiggles at you, and then it spits out a card with a fortune printed on it?  This year’s calendar features those fortune tellers — a different one every month.  January features “Old Salty”, the fortune-telling seafarer.

Isn’t that fun?  The best part is at the bottom of the calendar:

Just ask your question (or think it in your head, in my case), push one of the buttons, and it talks, telling your fortune!  Okay, granted, most of the fortunes it’s given me so far have been deliberately vague and slightly sarcastic (“I need to commune with a higher star power, get back to me later”) but that makes it even better in my book.  It’s now adorning the china hutch in the kitchen.


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