Brighter Days Coat

I’ve mentioned my love for coats and my ridiculous collection of them.  Here is another gem I found on ebay:

It’s a gorgeous chartreuse wool/alpaca blend that is bright and super-soft.  I had a heck of a time trying to capture the color, my camera and the light just didn’t quite get it but it is wonderful and zingy.  It’s from Julie Haus, a designer based out of NYC.  Here’s her website:  I feel very lucky to have scooped up one of her coats for under $40.  It has a great retro look, and the details are scrumptious.  This may be very Anne Shirley of me, but puffed sleeves speak to me, and these are subtle enough to actually work.  And the buttons!  I could just eat them!

One of my favorite details is the fact that the lining is as bright as the outside.  What a lovely little uplifting thing it is to see the bright fuschia.  Merry and bright! 🙂

 The only thing I plan to change about the coat centers around the self-fabric belt it came with.  The coat has a nice swingy A-line shape to it, and I find that tying the belt makes me look dumpy.  Plus, I’m tall and kind of long-waisted, and the belt loops are set a bit too high for me.  I thought about taking it to get them lowered, but I’ve since decided I prefer the swingy-ness of leaving it loose.  I’ve got to dig out my seam ripper and CAREFULLY remove the belt loops.  Meantime, I’ve just been wearing it without the belt.  (Although the belt actually makes a kind of groovy mini-turban, so it may get some use on it’s own!)


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