Meet Chico

In addition to Abe, whom I’ve mentioned before, we have 2 other pugs, a pug/cairn terrier mix, and Chico, a chihuahua.  I will freely admit that I never thought I was the sort to own a chihuahua.  In my mind, they weren’t the most appealing of dogs and their owners tended to be Paris Hilton-types.  Ick.  Life has a way of challenging assumptions, though.  Chico here started showing up and squeezing through our fence in order to run around the yard with our other dogs.  He wasn’t very friendly at first, particularly to my husband.  He was a tough, growling little beast.  But he ran so gracefully, like a minature deer, and there was just something appealing about him.

Chico wasn’t a stray, he did have owners.  They lived a few blocks away.  When he’d come over, we’d catch him and take him back to them.  Only after a while, his family stopped answering the door when we’d come by, so I’d let Chico stay overnight (to strenuous objections from my husband, I might add) because it was too cold to just leave him outside.  Not to mention the risk of him getting hit by a car or eaten by a raccoon or something awful.

Overnights turned into 3-4 day stays.  Finally, one day when he had shown up in our yard, his owners came walking by and asked my husband if we wanted to keep Chico.  Heartbreaking.  My husband had the sense to realize that he shouldn’t give Chico back to people who didn’t want him.  He replied that no, we didn’t want Chico (!!!) but that we’d find him a home.  His former owners then brought over all of his vet records and AKC registration papers, and he was fully our responsibility.

It was as if Chico knew that he had to win over my husband (I had succumbed to his charms long before).  Chico had eyes only for him, would gaze at him adoringly anytime he sat down, and then would tenderly stretch up to lick his beard.  These strange tactics worked.  My husband slowly melted and gave in to the reality:  we were now proud owners of a chihuahua.  Chico is a strange and wonderful little guy and I can’t imagine not having him as part of our pack.


One thought on “Meet Chico

  1. il es tres mignon 🙂
    nice photos

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