New Year’s Eve Wish

My wish for the new year:  to try to live each day with more of an awareness of all of the wonderful, beautiful, special things in my life.  And to remember that happiness can to be found in enjoying what you’ve got rather than in wanting what you don’t have.


In Praise of Flannel Sheets

There is a hidden hero in this picture: flannel.  Flannel sheets are essential in a draughty old house.  I love our draughty old house, but in winter there is at least a 5 degree temperature difference between the upstairs and the downstairs.  Some sort of insulation project should probably be in our future, and we ought to look into seeing if there are ways we can help our heating system do a better job in its efforts to puff warmth into the second floor.  Until then, flannel sheets keep sleep cuddly and cosy.

Zooey, our first pug

On a cold night in December of 2005, there came a knock on the door.  It was late, and my husband answered and then called me over to the door.  Standing there was a woman, a friend of my husband’s whom I’d met maybe once or twice out at shows, and in her arms she was holding an excited, squirming pug that was wearing a red bow.  I honestly just thought that Leslie had popped by for a visit or something.  I knew she had pugs. I assumed the one she was holding was one of hers.  It didn’t seem odd to think that a pug person might bring along their dog or that they might put a Christmas bow on their dog —pug people are like that!

They had to explain to me that the pug she was holding….was ours!  She and her mom were/are active in pug rescue and she’d run into my husband right after learning about Zooey.  Zooey’s owners needed to place her somewhere else fast, it wasn’t working with her in their home with their other dogs.  Remembering that I liked pugs, she asked if we might be interested.  Smart man that my husband is, he said yes.  And then kept it all a secret until the knock on the door that cold December night 6 years ago.

Zooey came with that name, and since she knew it, we kept it.  She is lovely and bossy and loud, twitches her back legs in her sleep, rules the roost when it comes to the other dogs, and makes a whole world of snuffy puggy snorts.   If she wasn’t so great, we wouldn’t have added 2 more pugs and a pug/cairn terrier mix to our pack.  She is a fabulous grande dame of pug wonderfulness.

Requiescat in musica

Pardon the slaughtered Latin.  Nine years gone.  Seems impossible.

Here is a silly tourist pic of my husband and me by a Joe Strummer mural in NYC from March.

Rest in music, Joe.  And thank you.  I cannot listen to your music and not dance.  A lurching happy dance.  (Seriously.  Put on Global a Go-Go and try not to dance.  Can’t be done.)

Smithsonian Skeletons

My husband and I have been to Washington, D.C. together a few times, and it is always interesting—there is so much to see.  Last time we went in the spring.  We joined the mobs of 8th graders from around the country to view some of the collections at the Smithsonian.  The skeletons in the natural history building really caught our attention, and my husband took some really beautiful pictures.

These are so detailed, delicate, and poignant. ( And maybe a little macabre?)  I find them incredibly fascinating, and I love these pictures.