“Time hurries on…

and that leaves that are green, turn to brown”.

But when you’re lucky, they turn red, orange, yellow, or purple first!  Although it has been an unusually wet autumn this year, the upside to that is that the colors have been lovely.  And I’m going to digress- or at least meander here a second- and say that I can see why death and sex sometimes get sort of intertwined.  (Like how the French for orgasm is la petite mort. Or the duel nature of the word fall…to fall from an innocent state…or Fall, the season.)  In Autumn, Nature herself seems to give a beautiful bloody orgasm before dying for the winter.

The odd 70 degree day we had on Tuesday seemed like a mocking memory of Summer….Fall is almost gone and Winter is just around the corner.  Today she’s cracking an icy whip.  Still at a distance, but there is a wind and a chill and a crisp in the air that says Winter is coming soon.  Good bye, Autumn!


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