Coats! Coats! Coats!

I love coats. Lucky thing, since it’s getting cold. Coats will probably become a regular category/post topic.  I own an absurd amount of coats, especially considering that I am just one person. But I can’t help it—I come across a delicious vintage or nearly new coat at the thrift store or for cheap on Ebay, and I just melt. Take this beauty:

I won it on Ebay for $16.99.  Even with shipping from Canada, it still didn’t top $30 total.  The leather is buttery soft, the fit is unreal —it looks almost custom, it’s so good, and it works whether I wear it as a jacket or as a layer under a cape or wrap.  Plus, I rather like that it is brown rather than black —I feel like I see this sort of fitted, moto-style leather jacket way more often in black.  This brown gives it a pleasingly Amelia Earhartish vibe that I dig.  Don’t get me wrong, if, say, a black leather Rick Owens jacket, like this baby here:

were to turn up in my closet tomorrow, I wouldn’t say no, believe you me. But since I am without an extra $2700 lying around, I’m going to continue feeling styley and lovely and Amelia in my online auction find!


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