Vintage Dress Love

A neighbor of mine had the most amazing collection of vintage clothing when I was growing up.  (Also an intensely creepy antique doll collection,but that’s another story!)  Some of the highlights included a mouth-wateringly lovely Gibson Girl era garnet colored silk  velvet dress, and several unreal flapper dresses.  Getting to touch (and even wear) some of those pieces planted a seed in my 12 year old self that lives on to this day.  The details, the craftsmanship, and even the fabrics can be so delicious.

Over the years, I have assembled a very modest collection of my own.  This dress isn’t in mint condition and has never fit me, but I adore it.  The color, the filmy-ness, and the drape of the fabric are all things I find totally dreamy.  Look at the wee pleating and detail to the bodice.  Even the fact that the shaping innards of the dress are sort of crushed doesn’t kill how pretty I find this.  Swoon!


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