Missoni-for-Target Mania: The Best Item I Got


The whole Missoni for Target thing was pretty crazy. I happened to be off on the day the collection debuted at Target. Down I toddled to a local store, and boy howdy was I unprepared for the hysteria that awaited me there! Lots of scary, super-intent, hipster-stay-at-home-momish-type ladies dashing around being pretty grabby, filling up multiple carts with whatever they could snatch. Presumably so they could put it up on eBay. Which, whatever, but that kind of shopping scene makes me want to break out in hives.  Unpleasant.

I still managed to wade into the fray and scoop up a handful of items.  The cardigan I got has already developed a hole where the sleeve and the top of the shoulder meet.  This developed after I wore it for literally 4 hours, so I’m not overly impressed by the quality of the clothing.  Yes, I realize that compared to real Missoni prices, the Target stuff was a steal.  But , thanks to some amazing area thrift stores, $49 is way more than I usually pay for a sweater– so the hole makes me cranky.  Think hard if you’re contemplating one that’s going for twice that on eBay is all I’m saying. But the ties for my husband are lovely so far.

Of course, my favorite purchase ended up being one of the cheapest things available:  there were 3 packs of patterned jumbo bulldog clips to be had for $4.50!  I got 2 packs and knew exactly what I was planning to do with them:  hang art!  Sorry these pictures are terrible, but you get the idea.  I love clips for hanging art, and the flame-stitch pattern gives some extra umph.  The vintage poster for an Edward Munch exhibition has been squirreled away for a long time because I haven’t had $$ for a custom framing, and the vacant-eyed lady with a bob painting was a garage sale find that came without a frame.  Add clips, et voilà!  Done.


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