Meet Abe, the Pug

My husband and I have five  dogs.  They were all rescues, and they bring us a lot of joy.  I don’t think of our dogs as “things”, so at first  I hesitated to talk about them here since this is supposed to be a place where I take the time to celebrate some of my favorite “things”.

 Then reason reasserted itself. I decided that my whole internal discussion/debate was silly and that I was majorly overthinking things.  So: our pets aren’t accessories or objects, they aren’t our children, but they are in our world and a source of great joy, so this blog’s editorial board (me!) figured that including them was in keeping with the blog’s mission statement.

 Okay, so there’s no actual mission statement (because come on, those are generally gross) but you know what I mean.

This is Abe.  He crashed an outdoor wedding in rural Indiana, and a pig farmer in attendance took pity on “this strange, bald, smelly little man”.  I am not making this up.  Said farmer was unable to find Abe’s owners, and Abe was in sad shape:  he’s partially blind in one eye, is missing most of his teeth, and had mange so bad when he was found that he was bald and smelly.  He was also relatively feral —good natured, but he didn’t know how to be pet or be on a leash.  All of this makes me suspect that he escaped from a puppy mill.  At any rate, the farmer’s 2 other dogs would have nothing to do with him so Abe bunked with the baby pigs.  Again, I am not making this up.  As the weather heated up, the farmer worried that it was too much for Abe, so he placed an add in the Cincinnati paper offering him free to a good home.  My folks saw it, thought of me, and gave me the contact info.  The farmer and I hit it off over the phone (he’d been getting a lot of calls from what he described at the end of our conversation as “crazy-ass pug people”.) and so Abe was ours for the having.   My brother picked him up and brought him to my husband and I.

He  was a bit of a project.  We had to give him daily baths with special anti-bacterial shampoo for about 2 months to address his severe mange, and it took a lot of work to socialize him.  For example, he didn’t know how to bark at first, he would make loud alarming and uncannily accurate pig squeals instead.  But eventually he got it all sorted, and now loves belly rubs and giving kisses.  Abe is awesome.


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